Ananias Ministries
14 Walnut Street
Great Falls, SC 29055
Senior Pastor
I.T. director
Tonya Smith
Ananias Ministries 
Hi I am Bradley, I am married to Tonya the best wife and mother ever. isn't she beautiful! I am the father to 3 wonderful daughters Miriam almost 4,Bethany 2, Samantha 5 months. I am a stay at home dad to them.  God has given me the vision  of a church that is not confined by walls, committees , or beauracracy . A church free to share the gospel of Jesus Christ a church not that we go to but one we take where ever we go. Then God showed me how Ananias took the gospel to Saul. It is not my place to Judge anyone for the things they have done or the lifestyle the live. My job is to Preach / teach the word, seek the lost to be saved & make disciples. Love my neighbors and minister to those God places along our (Damascus Road). Ananias Ministries seeks to be that church come with us as we take the Church where ever we go!!

Hi, I am Tonya. I am still amazed how Bradley and I were brought together. It all started with an invitation to go to church, but that's a story for another day. God has shown us as a couple how He will take care of His children, if we will just trust in Him and be patient. Come travel with us as we seek the lost where they are and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope to meet you along the (Damascus road) where ever that might lead!